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Our Factory

The total factory area Of Gram Bangla Tubes Ltd. is sft (56nsq.mapprox) This vast area gives GBTL enough space to accommodate all the facilities.The absolute manufacturing plant territory Of Gram Bangla Tubes Ltd. is sft (56nsq.approx) This immense zone gives GBTL enough space to oblige all the offices.


At Gram Bangla Tubes Ltd., quality control is maintained very strictly. GBTL has its own equipped test lab for ensuring the quality of products in every batch. We use modern test equipment that is reliable and gives world standard results.

Reason for people choose us


Use of latest production technology with advanced equipment in spacious workshops at GBTL guarantees our product quality. We attach importance to the development Of highly differentiated products, use advanced technology to maximize our customers competitiveness, and pay attention to quality control.

Furthermore. we continuously improve production equipment technology and thus maintain exceptional, competitiveness of our product in the ever-growing and highly competitive market.

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